How Can LinkedIn Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Most companies know having a social media presence is important, whether through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But what about LinkedIn? Out of all major social networks, LinkedIn is the most effective platform in the B2B marketing space. More specifically, LinkedIn is most effective for lead generation. If used properly, LinkedIn can be a powerful B2B marketing tool to generate leads, create brand awareness, establish thought leadership and overall support your company’s value proposition.

Here’s why your company should take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer:

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Which Medium is Right for Your Message?

Many times, we hear about the lack of success of various advertising/marketing initiatives our clients have attempted prior to hiring JH&A. It’s not uncommon to hear they spent X-dollars on a Pay Per Click, Billboard, Direct Mail, Print Advertising or E-Communications campaign and it didn’t do anything for them. PR and Earned Media certainly are not exempt either. Continue reading

“Knee Jerk” . . . “Last Minute” . . . “Seat of the Pants” . . .   

If these words describe your marketing or communications efforts, then you’re probably living in the confusing and thankless world of tactical marketing.  Tactical marketing is actually fine – if you have a strategic plan to guide you. Tactical elements may include websites,e-communications, trade show participation, brochures, ads, social media, press release; all the things that together, can help position your business properly and help you find new customers while enhancing the relationship with your existing clients. Continue reading

The Pendulum Effect

In recent years, on-line marketing and business development efforts have been at the forefront of marketing strategy for both B2B and B2C companies – SEO, SEM, PPC, analytics, social media, digital marketing automation strategies and more, have all played a vital and increasing role in our clients’ strategic and tactical efforts.

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How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?

Even seasoned marketers routinely wonder how their budget stacks up against traditional averages and what they should be spending. Our answer is always the same: “It Depends!”

The first step in determining an appropriate budget is a change in mindset. Consistent, long-term marketing is NOT an expense.  Rather, it is an essential investment that pays dividends in the form of sales, income and market share. Marketing is a business asset that drives revenue. Continue reading

Marketing Plan VS. Vacation Plan

JH&A Introduces 3 New Tools to help clients set strategic and tactical marketing goals.


Planning a marketing communications strategy can be as fun and interesting as planning a vacation – really!

First, it’s essential to decide on the type of vacation you’d like.  Given all the possibilities, what are your preferences?  What’s out there for you to enjoy?  What have others done and do they find the most appealing? Continue reading