Being a 30+ year-old marketing communications agency comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. JHA specializes in helping B2B technology, engineering, innovative manufacturing and professional services organizations connect with new customers while enhancing their relationship with their existing clients – a noble goal, for sure. Specializing in these fields brings with it some interesting perspective and an unusual context from which we view the world.

  1. B2C is not our Gig – Need to advertise the newest bar on the block or the latest Haute Couture fashion? JHA is probably not for you. However, if you’ve invented the better mousetrap, count us in!
  2. We’re Not the Cool Kids – We don’t even have voice mail. Nope, if you want a recording, you’ll need to look elsewhere. We just have humans here to answer your call – and address any questions you have.
  3. We’re Pragmatic Realists –  No One Shot Wonders. We take a strategic approach to our projects making sure the synergies of the tactics we recommend are well-conceived and are focused for the greatest impact to your target audience(s).
  4. No Superbowl Tickets – As a client of JHA, you can expect to be invited to a number of fish fries, an occasional lunch or happy hour, and even our annual trek to the Renaissance Festival, but the Learjet is just too pretentious so, we don’t bring it out often.
  5. Our Client List – Don’t let our client list scare you. Even though we’ve been asked by a number of the most highly regarded and recognizable brands in the world to help them with their marketing and marketing communications programs, we understand SMB. JHA is a “lean mean fighting machine” (to take a line from the movie, “Stripes”). LaunchPad! is our guide to help marketing communications professionals evaluate and prioritize a wide variety of strategies and tactics so we can help them build a comprehensive plan. Even though many of the business relationships we’ve built have lasted for years, we come to work daily with the goal of making every one of our clients – large or small – market leaders.