The professionals at JHA have more than 25-years of experience handling business-critical launches across wide-ranging business sectors including professional services, innovative manufacturing, technology, biomed/pharma, engineering, testing and more. Our highly collaborative approach means we get up to speed fast, partner to establish your unique brand position and produce a campaign that will achieve your goals.

SquareOne-logoJHA’s SquareOne provides clear branding insights customized for your business. Businesses large and small find it challenging to agree on exactly who they are internally, and how to present a united front to prospects and customers. Often, the lack of a clearly defined mission and vision make it impossible to communicate a compelling value proposition. JHA’s SquareOne can help. Download SquareOne (PDF / 1.4MB)

game-plan-logoJHA’s GamePlan sets a strategic course for marketing success. More often than not, business professionals find themselves in ‘firefighter’ mode, responding to the pressing concerns of the day (or hour). Marketing issues do pop-up out of the blue, demanding instant attention. However, a well-conceived and implemented strategic marketing communications plan saves time, money and headaches. Download GamePlan (PDF / 1MB)

launchpad_logoTo succeed in today’s ultra-competitive B2B marketplace you must achieve three fundamental goals: generate awareness, drive demand and build the bottom line. Our LaunchPad! document is a comprehensive overview of the tools and materials that can be included in a strategic marketing plan for your brand. Download LaunchPad! (PDF / 1.5MB)